How to Register a Company

Is a company the right option for your business?

This section provides information about what companies are, and explains the process for registering a company with the Samoa Companies Registry.

Learn what a company is

Companies – an introduction to what a company is, what directors do, who shareholders are, and alternatives to companies such as sole traders and partnerships.

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The registration process

To register your company you will first need a Samoa Company Registry account. Then you follow the process of registration online, and pay at the counter at the Ministry of Commerce in ACC House, Apia. Each step of the registration process is outlined here.

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Model Rules – download here

If your company has chosen to use the Model rules, you can download a copy for free here, just select which type your company is (public, private, private with a single shareholder).

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Company Authority and why it is important for you

You need to have authority over your company on this website if you want to maintain company information on the register. If nobody has authority, then your company will be out of date and you may be required to pay late fees, or your company may eventually be removed from the register.

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Overseas Companies

Overseas Companies carrying on business in Samoa must comply with the requirements, including registration requirements, under the Companies Act.

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