Search by Debtor

When performing a debtor search the debtor entity name, surname or matai title must be entered.  There are rules around what name to enter when searching on an individual, please see the Explanatory Memo under the Legislation tab on the registry website.  The key name is that maintained in the National Provident Fund registration if there is one.  If not, then other rules will apply.  When searching against an individual, a surname or a Matai title name must be entered.  You may enter first names (or the first initial) if you wish to narrow your results.

The entered information is searched for an exact match.  You must get the spelling right of any name to be searched.

The system search logic will undertake a few standardisations so as to help complete a clean search, so for surname and matai title the following transformation is made before searching:

  • No distinction is made in upper and lower case letters
  • Any accents are removed from letters (eg. à, á, â, ã) so you don’t have to type these in
  • Remove special characters (such as $, %, &, etc.)
  • Remove spaces

For registered company and other entity the following transformation is made before searching:

  • Uppercase
  • Remove ‘THE ‘ from the start of the name
  • Convert words to commonly used abbreviations and symbols (eg. %, &, Ltd, Inc, LP)
  • Convert plurals:
  • Convert ‘IES’ at the end of words to ‘Y’
  • Remove ‘S’ at the end of words
  • Remove accents from letters (eg. à, á, â, ã)
  • Remove punctuation
  • Remove spaces

For an illustrated step by step guide to registering, maintaining and searching the PPSA register please download the PPSR User Guide.


To search by debtor:

  1. Select Online Services / Secured Transactions / Search by Debtor
  2. Click on the options for “Registration Status”
  3. Click on the options for “Debtor Type”
  4. Enter a debtor name
  5. Click the “Search” button
  6. Note the options above the search results