Filing a Notice of Objection

Any registered user can file a notice of objection against an active secured transaction registration.  This is very rare filing is usually made by a debtor to register some protect about the filing.  While it becomes part of the public record for informational purposes, it has no effect on the legal validity of the filing.

For an illustrated step by step guide to registering, maintaining and searching the PPSA register please download the PPSR User Guide..


Steps To filing a notice of objection:

  1. Login
  2. Search for the secured transaction you wish to object
  3. Select “Maintenance Services / File a Notice of Objection
  4. Click “+Add” to add an Objector
  5. Enter the objector details
  6. Click “Done” button
    Note another objector can be added
  7. Enter the “Details of Objection”
  8. Optionally upload supporting documents
    Note multiple documents can be uploaded
  9. Click “Apply” button
  10. Make the payment