Searching for a director or shareholder

Using the Director Search tool you can determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director of a company. The Shareholder Search tool does the same regarding owners of a company.

By simply changing some settings you can also search for shareholders.

There are two search options available.

1. Quick search

Click on the Search for a director or shareholder under the Do it online tab in the top right hand corner of the screen.

To refine your search click on Options first and select the type of search you wish to conduct.  The choices are:
•    Entities (which will search for companies)
•    Directors
•    Shareholders; or
•    Directors/Shareholders.

To view instant results on screen just begin entering your search criteria into the ‘Search’ field.  For a director search this might be the director’s surname.

A list of possible matches will be displayed on screen and you can click on any one of these results to view the details of that company.

Click on the SEARCH >> button to display the complete search results for your search criteria.

2. Advanced Search

Once you are on the search screen, click on Advanced Search and additional search options will appear.

If you select the option Search for Directors and Shareholders you can customise your search in several ways.

Begin by specifying whether you want to search for:

  • Just directors, or
  •  Just shareholders, or
  • Director & shareholders

You can further customise your search by specifying:

  • Director status
  • All statuses (default)
    ◦    current
  • Entity type

◦    All types (default) or
◦    choose specific types of interest – for example, only <Jurisdiction> companies (limited, community, public or private)

  • Entity status

◦    All statuses (default) or
◦    choose specific statuses of interest (for example, current, removed or in liquidation).

  • Address keywords – To refine your search to include only specific address keywords (such as a building name, town or country)