Search by Certified Report Reference Number

This service enables all users to search for Certified Report of Search Results by Certified Report Reference Number. This allows users to confirm that a Certified Search report is genuine.  The service displays a link to the certified report file that exactly matches the Certified Report Reference Number entered.

The report is the identical report to that provided for the original user report request.

You must be a logged in registered user to search for a certified report.

For an illustrated step by step guide to registering, maintaining and searching the PPSA register please download the PPSR User Guide.


To search by certified report reference number:

  1. View the Certified report file an copy the “Report ID”
  2. Login
  3. Select Online Services / Secured Transactions / Search by Certified Report Reference Number
  4. Enter the report id in to “Certified Report Reference Number” field
  5. Click the “Search” button
  6. Click the title text link on the search results
  7. Click the “Refresh” link till a link to the report file appears
  8. Click the file link
  9. View the external users dashboard
  10. Note the item in “My Service Orders” tab