Terminating a Secured Party

A user with secured party authority can terminate the secured party.  A user with only Agent authority cannot terminate a filing.

For an illustrated step by step guide to registering, maintaining and searching the PPSA register please download the PPSR User Guide.


Steps To terminate a Secured Party:

  1. Login and click on a secured transaction in your “My Items” tab
  2. Click on the “Secured Parties” tab
  3. Select Manage Secured Party /Notice of Termination
    If you do not have this menu option then you do not have secured-party authority for this secured party.
  4. Click the checkbox to confirm the secured party wishes to terminate
  5. Click the “Apply” button
  6. On the secured transaction view click the “Secured Parties” tab
    Note the secured party now has a “Termination Date” and a “Secured Party Status” of “Terminated”
  7. Click on the “Filings” tab
    Note the “Notice of Termination” filing
  8. Click on the “Dashboard” text link in the top right corner OR cancel from the view service
    Note the secured transaction no longer appears on the “My Items” tab – this user no longer has any authority (agent or secured party) over the secured transaction
  9. Click on the “My Recently Finished Business” tab
    Note the “Notice of Termination” completed service