Foreign Investment – Reserved/Restricted Activities

In accordance with the Foreign Investment Amendment Act 2011 the following activities are regarded as Reserved and Restricted activities:

Reserved Activities (Section 3(1)): activities are reserved for Samoan citizens only. Foreign investors and companies with foreign shareholders, directors, and/or employees are not allowed to engage in any of these reserved activities.

i.     Bus transport services for the general public;

ii.     Taxi transport services for the general public;

iii.     Rental vehicles;

iv.     Retailing of general food items;

v.     Saw milling; and

vi.     Traditional elei garment designing and printing.

Restricted Activities (Section 4(1)): Foreign investors could participate in restricted activities if the conditions are satisfied as per the Restricted List:

i.     Fishing – a foreign investor must have a maximum 40% equity;

ii.     Manufacturing of Nonu (Morinda citrifolia) and Coconut Virgin Oil – a foreign investor must establish a joint venture with a local partner; and

iii.     Services: Architectural, Professional engineering, General construction, Sewage, Refuse disposal, Sanitation and similar services – a foreign investor must be incorporated in Samoa and must establish a joint venture with a local partner.

Moreover, every foreign investor is required to satisfy all requirements of the FIAA 2011, and to obtain a Foreign Investment Certificate (MCIL), before a Business License could be issued from the Ministry for Revenue.