Restoring your company to the register

How do I restore a company to the register?

Companies who have been removed from the register for any reason specified under the Companies Act 2009, must apply to have the company restored to the register.

Our company was not re-registered, what do I do?

In summary, you must apply for the company to be restored to the register.  A form is available here.  Complete the form carefully.  You must also complete a late re-registration form.  This is so you can provide <Companies Register Name> with all required details – eg shareholders, directors, addresses etc. A copy of the late re-registration form is available here.

The Registrar has issued a guidance note explaining the process and policy for restoration of companies who have failed to re-register by the deadline.  A copy is available here.

What if I don’t re-register my company. Can I just keep on doing business?

If you do not re-register your company, under the <Companies Act>, all of the assets of the company transfer to the Crown.

This means that your company will no longer own property, stock, equipment etc.  You may find it difficult to do business with banks and other traders.

By restoring your company to the register, you will be able to continue with business as usual, as all assets automatically transfer back to the Company on restoration.

Is this a clever way for me to shut down my business?

If you do not re-register your company, this does not mean you have wound up or liquidated your company.  Contracts you have signed with other parties will still be enforced against your company, loans will still be enforced against your company, and you may still be sued as a company.