What are community companies?

A guide to community companies

The community company is a type of company designed to assist community groups in managing what they own and their businesses. The community company is intended to be run as a business, but instead of individual owners benefiting from the success of the business, the community as a whole will benefit. The community company can in some cases be considered by existing groups as an alternative to charitable trusts and cooperatives.

The goals of a community company

Why set up a community company?

Basic requirements for setting up a community company

This section talks about what you need to set up a community company.

What does a community mean?

This section describes what a community means under the law, and what it means when the law says the community company must be in the ‘community interest’.

Who are the shareholders and directors?

Information about how to choose shareholders and directors.

Special rules for community companies

Because the company exists to benefit a community, there are some special rules to protect the community.

Additional important information

More information that you need to know when running a community company.